Graphic Design & Lettering

Bafici. El Búho

Bafici is the most important independent film festival of Latin America.
To celebrate his 15 anniversary they decided to create a new statuette that will represent the festival from now on: The Owl.
The idea of using the owl comes from a 2010 short institutional film from Lisandro Alonso, where in certain moment the bird looks direct to the camera in a sharp and mysterious manner.
His panoramic vision is the soul of the BAFICI, opening the doors for a great variety of genres, makers, actors and public.

Along with Martin Laksman we created a statuette with a modern morphology and visually attractive, having in consideration the aesthetics of the art toy. It also has the particularity to glow in the dark, setting again a linkage with cinema.
 As Marcelo Panozzo, art director of the festival, said: “Inside the cinema, we all are blessed creatures of the night”

buho Glow.jpg