Graphic Design & Lettering

Los Galgos. Bar Notable de Buenos Aires

Logo lettering for a notable bar in Buenos Aires.

A Notable bar is considered so when it relates to significative facts or cultural activities; those whose age, architectonic design or local relevance provide a value in itself.

Bar Los Galgos opened in 1930. The bar welcomed Enrique Santos Discépolo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Julio de Caro and Aníbal Troilo, among other musicians, and thus it became a legend.

On December 1, 2015, Los Galgos was reopened by Julián Díaz and Florencia Capella. They have not only restored the original facilities, but they have also enhanced the business with their food expertise in order to create a new scene with the same mystique and a renovated spirit.

Along with them, I developed a lettering piece that reflects the old days of Buenos Aires but with a contemporary touch to show the new legacy to come.

Iso & art direction: Florencia Capella.

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